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Poppy Seed Mini

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Hey guy's welcome to Poppy Seed Mini!
Thank you for checking out our channel, we hope you enjoy our videos.

How things started:
Well it was really my aunt who wanted to start a Youtube channel. We (my Mom, Aunt and I) had all been watching @Myfroggystuff for a couple of years and had started making and designing are own dollhouse crafts.
I made the comment that I could watch Froggy every day of the week if I could so an extra Dollhouse design channel sounded like a great idea to me.
So out of that Poppy Seed mini was born. We launched are first video in August 2020.

How things are going:
Well as you can see we have grown a lot since the beginning. It took us 6 months to get our first 100 subscribers. Boy was that hard. But we started from scratch. We just hit 10,000 subscribers January 2023.
Our hope is to continue to share wonderful and helpful videos with you.

Thank you for Subscribing! ^-^
Ashley & Ruthanne

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