saman sabzei

saman sabzei

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SilverShadow studio, hosted by Saman Sabzei, is a free resource for learning Architecture and Urban Design Software. We believe in learning the concept, rather than learning the steps so that you can translate "your" imagination visually to the world. This will make you a better decision-maker, rather than letting others make decisions for you. Since every situation is different and the definition of "beauty" is subjective, it is essential that you master the approach, and then the steps will automatically follow.

Our motto is "Keep Creating." We always say to our students: "Don't worry so much about the quality, because time will improve it. Don't spend so much time getting things pixel-perfect, so that you end up not finishing it. Just 'Keep Creating,' and your consistency will take care of the rest."

SilverShadow is free, and will always be.
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